Participant Kit - Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão

November 08, 2020
Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão
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November 8, 2020
Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão
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Participant Kit

The Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão Participant Kit includes:

- Right to participate in Lousã Granfondo Licor Beirão 2020
- Sports bottle, Liquor Beirão offer;
- Licor Beirão Toast;
- Finisher Medal;
- Race number customized with name and country (Registration validated until October 15, 2020);
- Liquid and solid supply;
- Liquid reinforcement with recovery drink after the course;
- Recovery folder (lunch) at the end;
- First aid and medical assistance;
- Access to bathing facilities;
- Diploma of Finisher through digital support;
- Classification through electronic chip;
- Professional mechanical assistance;
- Digital racebook;
- Personal accident insurance in accordance with the law in force (for non-federated athletes in FPC - implies and membership in the Portuguese Daily Cycling Federation - Deductible in the amount of 90 € per athlete).

The participant kit is still under construction so items will still be added.

Lousã Granfondo
November 8, 2020
+351 919 882 683
+351 919 882 683
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